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Have you ever been locked out? You might have been on the wrong side of a locked door at home or when you were driving your car. Maybe you were at work and didn’t realize that the supply room door was always locked. Lockouts happen to all of us at some point. Each situation is unique in its own way and so is how we react to it. At Coral Gables Locksmith we deal with lockouts all the time. Our experience has shown that the best way to handle a lockout is to stay calm and deal with it in a methodical and orderly manner. So how do you go about doing this? Keep reading; we’ll show you.

Don’t blame yourself!

A lot of different emotions run through your head when you find yourself locked out. It’s different for everyone but most feel confused at first. How did this happen and why? Then anger can set in. How could you be so careless? Or, whose fault is this mess, anyway? Then, you might lapse into panic mode. How are you going to get out of this situation? How are you going to pay for it? Whom can you call? What about your plans? Are you in danger?

It’s easy to blame yourself or others but what good does it do? None, really; it often makes you feel worse. If that happens, you can’t think too clearly. The more befuddled your mind is, the less likely you are to get back inside. Start your “recovery” by NOT assigning blame to yourself or anyone else (at least for the moment!).

You are surrounded by locks!

It’s a fact; you (all of us!) are surrounded by locks, keys and lock hardware. At home, at our business, at work, and in our cars, we have locks of all kinds to keep us safe and secure. We appreciate the protection these locks provide us, but we also often underestimate just how easy it is to be a lockout casualty. We want our locks to work hard keeping unwanted intruders out but once in a while we become victims of our lock security!

Home lockouts

It’s easy to get locked out at home. Do you know why? It’s because you are relaxed. You are at home, surrounded by your loved ones and your things so it’s easy to get distracted and relaxed enough to not pay attention. You might go out to bring in the newspaper or to mail a letter at the mail box 2 doors down. Maybe your dog wanted to play in the front yard. Whatever the reason, it’s easy for a locked front door to close behind you and block you from your own abode. Home lockouts can also take place indoors. Small children and even pets can accidentally lock themselves in a bathroom, bedroom or closet and need help getting back out.

Automotive lockouts

If home lockouts are easy to bring about; car lockouts are even more so!It’s ironic because our vehicles only have a few locks on them; ignition, trunk and door, yet we manage to find ourselves in a lockout situation so often because we drive so much! We are also distracted by radio, road signs, pedestrians, oncoming cars, billboards and dozens of other stimuli that we need to pay attention to or that sparks interest. This is why it’s so easy to come out of the bakery with a birthday cake and suddenly see our key ring still dangling from the ignition. Or, trying to say goodbye to your college age daughter at the airport and locking your keys in the trunk with her luggage.

Business lockouts

While autos only have a few locks, businesses can have hundreds! Here in Coral Gables, FL we have everything from dog groomers to hotels. We have shopping centers and medical facilities, restaurants and convenience stores. We have auto repair and dentists and thousands more. Each firm has its own set of locks and lock hardware that must be navigated by staff, visitors, customers and vendors. Lockouts can occur at any hour of the day or night as our emergency locksmith crew can attest.

Don’t break back in!

It’s easy to reason that if you are locked out of your property, that you have the right to break back inside. There’s one problem; it’s not about rights. Smashed wood and shattered glass can cause injury and expensive property damage that can cost every bit as much as a locksmith service call. Police and/or neighbors can mistake you for a burglar and accost you. In the case of life or death, it might be a good idea, but for everyday lockout purposes; don’t break back inside!

Spare key use

Spare keys can be good if used right. We don’t recommend hiding a key under the door mat or in the flower pot on the porch. Burglars will look there first. Instead, give one to a family member, close friend or trusted neighbor. This will work for auto lockouts, too. If you don’t really trust anyone with a spare key, hide it yourself but in a place where only you will know that is not obvious. Inside the backyard rain gutter or the smoker are possible examples. Some folks put a spare transponder key or house key in their wallet or cell phone case but if you do this make sure others don’t know about it.


If you are renting, you might get by with calling your landlord. Just know that there will be a lockout fee charged. These can range from $50 to $100 or more. The same goes for commercial properties. Often, the building owner or property manager will simply tell you to call a locksmith and wish you good luck!

Speaking of a locksmith….

It is always smart to have fast, 24-hour access to an emergency locksmith. Don’t wait until you actually need one; line one up now and make sure that your shop of choice is fully licensed, bonded, insured and offers round the clock emergency service with fast response times.